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i-Tek Medikal is a dynamic company, established in 2012 with the partnership of shareholders who share a common experience in the field.
Professional Service Professional Service
We believe the identity and values of a corporation are built on its commitment to offer the perfect services to its customers as well as its responsibility, reliability and dedication towards society.
Value Awareness Value Awareness
We adopt the principle that the most important condition of success is to cooperate with both our customers and suppliers on the bases of honesty, reliability and collaboration before and after sales.
Mission Mission
Not limiting ourselves only with customer-oriented service but also strive to be the best option for employees and suppliers for which we are acting as distributors.

i-Tek Medical & Haag-Streit Surgical Operating Microscope and Micro Surgery Authorized Distributor

iTek Medikal is a dynamic company, established in 2012 with the partnership of shareholders who share a common experience in the field. We employ specialized and experienced staff. In i-Tek Medikal, we believe the honesty and teamwork of people sharing the same vision in business is the main key to success.

i-Tek Medical & Haag-Streit Surgical

Fascinated by the world of the microcosm, Johann Diedrich Möller fulfilled his life’s dream in 1864 by founding a company for the production of high-precision optical components and optical instruments in Wedel (near Hamburg, Germany). In the course of its eventful history, the company has brought products of worldwide reputation to the market, such as high-precision measuring and testing instruments for the industry, new prism binoculars with extremely high light transmission, combinations of binoculars and camera, anamorphotic lenses used in film projectors for wide-screen motion pictures, as well as a large range of medical-optical products, especially for ophthalmology and microsurgery.

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i-Tek Medical & Lightmed SLT/YAG/PATTERN-SINGLE SPOT(532nm-577nm)/ROP (810 nm) Lasers  Authorized Distributor

Lightmed   is a medical device and technology company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of innovative laser, light and diagnostic systems for the ophthalmic, dental and dermatology markets.  

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i-Tek Medical & Lightmed

Our leading technologies are used to treat a variety of medical conditions, improving the lives of millions of people. LIGHTMED has been in business since 1997 with its own R&D and manufacturing facilities now located in Taiwan, Japan, Israel and USA. All of LIGHTMED’s products are backed by an industry-leading warranty and guaranteed with premium customer care through our sales and service centers located worldwide..



i-Tek Medical & Mediworks Anterior Segment Analyzer / Tabletop and Hand Held Slit Lamp / Portable Fundus Camera / Vision Screener Authorized Distributor

Where the Story Begins…  

MediWorks was established in 2004. The headquarter of R&D, Manufacturing, Business Development and Operation Center is based in Shanghai, with branches located in Europe and America. MediWorks is committed to provide ophthalmologists and optometrists with high quality products, advanced technologies and superior services. The devices are using in over 100 countries and by thousands of clinicians.
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i-Tek Medical & Mediworks

MediWorks owns a complete R&D and production system combining cutting-edge technology of Optics, Mechanics, Electronics. The R&D team of the research center for Ophthalmic Precision Instruments is composed by a group of personnel specialized in Optics, Mechanics, Electronics, Algorithm and Software, who has rich experience in R&D and production of ophthalmic instrument, medical imaging and machine vision.

i-Tek Medical & i-Optik Auto Kerato-Refractometer / Auto Phoropter / Lensmeter / Vision Chart- Chart Projector Authorized Distributor

ioptik Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D Co.,Ltd was restructured from the scientific institution (Ningbo Second Light Industrial Research & Designing Institute) which was founded in 1976, and specialized in ophthalmic & Optical instruments industry after established the joint venture company with Ning Kwong Optical Co Pte Ltd(Singapore) since 1997.

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i-Tek Medical & i-Optik

As the first company to development and produce the Auto Lens edger, Auto Lensmeter and Auto phoropter in China, we are keep leading the industry in China for many years. With the overseas brand i-optik created in 1997, we started to export our high quality products worldwide, and have distributors in more than 60 countries until now.  In 2016, Luneau Technology invested capital to Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D Co.,Ltd, and we established the new joint venture company. With the deep technology cooperation, we are now developing more advanced ophthalmic & Optical instruments to our customers.

i-Tek Medical & Moptim SLO-OCT/OCT-Angio/İnfrared OCT Authorized Distributor

Moptim is a global medical technology innovator committed to introduce high technology and ophthalmic product solution at affordable price.  The name of “MOPTIM” stands for Medical Optical Imaging. Moptim offers a wide range of product in three categories: Diagnostics (OCT/OCTA, Spectral Domain Optical Biometer, Non-contact Tonometer), Refraction (Handheld Refractometer, Digital Visual Acuity Tester) and Surgical (Operating Microscopes).

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i-Tek Medical & Moptim

The close cooperation with universities and hospitals is the key to Moptim’s innovation. In 2005, Moptim started to collaborate with Tsinghua University and co-established a corporate laboratory focused on the research of optical coherence tomography technology, which is the first research lab for industrialization of OCT technology in ophthalmology. Today, Moptim is the market leader of OCT in China with a strong customer base, and a rising star in global market.

Production capability is another key to Moptim’s success. The entire manufacturing process, from lenses production, mechanical parts production, product assembly, to quality control, is carried out by its parent company Shenzhen Certainn Technology Co., Ltd., who has been certified by TUV SUD for the conformity of its quality management system to ISO 9001, and its medical products to ISO 13485.

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i-Tek Medical & Souer Authorized Distributor

Suoer The concept of “exploring to be practical” best defines Suowei’s cores and values to our clients in the world of ophthalmology. Quality is Suowei’s top priority, continually progressing our product line. Quality is at our core, and a key factor in the support of Suowei’s leading development. We are consistently perfecting our ophthalmic diagnostic series to obtain greater image detection and quality technology.

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i-Tek Medical & Suoer

Since 2001, Tianjin Suowei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to R&D, manufacturing of ophthalmic imaging technology, and ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. We have integrated our equipment with top notch, self-developed, eye health management system. After the completion of imaging, measurement, and diagnosis, our system establishes a digital eye health profile, which will provide an effective eye diagnosis solution to our clients. Suowei has maintained a close cooperation with famous national and international scientists, clinicians, and optometry centers. Suowei is continuously exposing itself to worldwide advanced medical technology to provide an ophthalmic diagnosis experience that meets “China wisely made, world class standards.”

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i-Tek Medical & İcare Single Authorized Distributor in Mobile Hand Tonometer

iCare:Sight is one of the most important senses. We at iCare work passionately to protect it. We believe that eye care must be effortless, accurate, and reliable. With our innovative, high-quality solutions we want to help eye care professionals to do their job faster, easier, and more precisely.

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i-Tek Medical & iCare

iCare is the original developer of rebound technology for handheld tonometers. After decades of hard work, Finnish MD, Mr. Antti Kontiola, succeeded to find a new, easy, and patient-friendly method of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP). The original rebound method was clinically tested in cooperation with Helsinki University Eye Clinic.

iCare tonometers are fast, reliable, and accurate tools to help in the process of detecting and following-up glaucoma. Measurement of intraocular pressure does not require anesthetic drops, air puffs, or special skills. Several clinical studies show data obtained by iCare is comparable to the measurement results with the Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (GAT).


i-Tek Medical & İcare (Centervue)  Authorized Distributor in Fundus Cameras and Perimeter

Centervue (iCare) provides eye doctors with the latest solutions for comprehensive screening, diagnostics and monitoring of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration (AMD). Our product line includes automated TrueColor imaging devices, and perimeters .


i-Tek Medical & iCare (Centervue)

iCare’s ophthalmic imaging devices help doctors diagnose and monitor eye disorders, retinal diseases and glaucoma with high accuracy and quality of TrueColor images. The Italian team has years of experience in developing retinal imaging devices and microperimeters including the original CenterVue product line: DRS, EIDON, COMPASS and MAIA. It was born at the R&D cluster around Padua University in Italy, which is highly ranked for its scientific excellence, particularly in medicine, optics, and imaging.

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i-Tek Medical & Crystalvue Non-Contact Tonometers Authorized Distributor

Crystalvue Medical Corporation was founded in 2009. Our mission is to become one of the world’s most advanced and reputable medical device providers. With leading technology and professional experienced R&D, Crystalvue provides ODM/OEM manufacturing, design, and production of medical devices worldwide. We also engage in sale of minimal invasive endoscopic instrument supplies nationwide

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i-Tek Medical & Crystalvue

Crystalvue has established a complete quality management system and been certified by ISO 13485 and Taiwan GMP. All Crystalvue products including fundus camera, OCT, tonometer, tracer, edger, etc., are made in Taiwan, and comply with all national and international quality standards.  Our persistence and determination in continuous improvement to provide the highest quality and value added solutions shall serve as the ultimate guideline for our future endeavors.


i-Tek Medical & Oculera Visual Field Analyzer Authorized Distributor

Oculera Visual Field Analyzer uses new-generation digital devices rather than ongoing 50-year-old optical and mechanical systems. All the key concepts and golden rules of the perimetry test are provided by virtual reality. Oculera Visual Field Analyzer is a class IIa medical device that works as software.

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i-Tek Medical & Oculera

Low cost:Significantly cuts the traditional perimetry equipment cost. You can purchase the device or pay a monthly fees to adjust your own economical plan.  Low maintenance:Thanks to the compact design, your perimetry service will not be affected by any maintenance or calibration service. Simply return your device and we will replace the whole hardware. High mobility:Only weighs 500 grams. Does not require any connection or secondary device to run anywhere you desire. Easy to use for the patients:Patients are not required to sit and place their heads still during the test. Any chair to lean and relax will do the trick. oculera lowers the accuracy loss due to poor ergonomics. Does not require an eye patch:The virtual reality technology allows the examination to test both eyes at the same time. So long for the eye patches and sour eyes. Does not require a dark room:As soon as the patients put the device on their heads, they are isolated from the environment and enter a virtual dark room. Now your waiting room (or wherever you wish) becomes a fully fledged dark roomDigital Use:You can start the test from your computer, tablet or phone wherever you want, and access the test results of the patients from any device with internet connection.

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